Defining permissions to share data with other applications

HCL Leap applications can share data through services with other Leap applications. To allow other applications access to the data from the application you are designing, you must define the security permissions.

About this task

When setting permissions, you are defining access to the data based on the application, and user, that calls the service. For example, you create an application called Product Names. You want your Purchase Order application to read the data stored in the Product Names application, and use the data to populate a drop-down list. In the Product Names application, create a Purchase Order user group in Roles, then give that Read access. You can also allow other applications to write data to the Product Names application. For another application to write data, it must have Write access.

For more information about creating roles, see Defining basic security roles for users. For more information on using other Leap applications as services, see Integrating your application with existing Leap applications.


  1. Go to the Access tab.
  2. Select Design Settings.
  3. For a specific role, click the Read, Write, or both check boxes.