Copying items

Items may be copied from one form to another form within any application.

If you want to copy an item from one form to another, select the item and press Ctrl+C. Select the target form and press Ctrl+V. If a cell on the target form's page is selected, the copy is inserted there, otherwise it will be inserted into the first available cell on that page. If there is no empty cell, then a new row will be added with the pasted item.
Note: Table items cannot be copied.
Note: Copying an entire page is not supported at this time.

Usage details

  • Use Ctrl+C to copy the selected item.
  • Use Ctrl+V to paste the item to the selected page within any Leap application.
  • Users can only copy one item at a time.
  • If the browser clipboard is not accessible, the copy/paste action will not be allowed.