Configuring the properties file

When you install HCL Leap , a file containing sample configuration properties is also installed. You can configure the properties for optimal performance with your system.

About this task

To use the provided properties file, you must move it to the extensions folder, then adjust the settings to match your system.
Note: In a horizontally clustered environment, the must be configured for each node.


  1. Go to <install location>/deploy, and locate
  2. Copy the file and paste it to:
    • WindowsC:\HCL\Leap\extensions
    • Linux, AIX/opt/HCL/Leap/extensions
  3. Open the file and configure the settings to match your system.

To customize the location of the file, you must edit the file.

  1. Go to the file.
    The default location of the file is: \AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\installedApps\\Experience Builder.ear\builder.war\WEB-INF\classes.
  2. Open the properties file in a text editor and add a valid extensions= parameter.
    For example, extensions = /usr/HCL/Leap/extensions.
  3. Validate which directory is loaded.
    Check the Leap SystemOut.log. There is an entry that indicates which directory is recognized and loaded. For example: [5/21/14 22:51:37:095 PDT] 0000001b IntegratorSta I phase1Start Extensions folder: /usr/HCL/Leap/extensions.

    Note: Some configuration properties require a restart of the Leap server. If you do not see your changes applied within a few minutes of modifying the properties file, restart the server.