HCL VersionVault Express overview

VersionVault Express is a simplified, user-friendly version control and configuration management solution based off of HCL VersionVault. VersionVault Express integrates with build and test tools to deploy, test, and promote new builds with ease. Use VersionVault Express to quickly set up a software configuration management (SCM) environment to maintain your source files and software builds. VersionVault Express uses Unified Change Management (UCM) projects, components, streams, baselines, and activities to manage changes to elements.

The role or roles that you are assigned to in each project in VersionVault Express determine what you can do in that project. Use the features of the HCL VersionVault Express server, such as REST APIs to extend the product, webhooks for easy integration, and run-anywhere GUIs.

Anyone who has joined a project on a VersionVault Express instance has access to the My projects area. That area is usually the first screen that you see when you log in, and you can always navigate there by clicking on the Home Home icon icon on the navigation bar.

Any projects that you have joined shows as tiles on the My projects page. There is also a button that lets you create a project. When you create a project, you automatically get the Project Owner role for that project.