About the HCL VersionVault Explorer

Accessed from within HCL VersionVault Express, the HCL VersionVault Explorer provides graphical user interfaces to the HCL VersionVault tools.

Before you install VersionVault Explorer, see Installation requirements for the HCL VersionVault Express client.
Note: When accessed from within VersionVault Express, the VersionVault Explorer is known as the HCL VersionVault Express client.

To install VersionVault Explorer from the HCL VersionVault Express server, after you log in to VersionVault Express, click the Get HCL VersionVault Explorer Get icon icon at the top of the page and follow the instructions on the page that opens. After the installation, to launch it, click the Open in VersionVault Explorer Launch button icon. Notice that when you open VersionVault Explorer this way through VersionVault Express, details about your username, server URL, and UCM stream are provided by VersionVault Express. You still must provide your password for VersionVault Explorer. It also tries to find a view on the stream. If you do not have a view yet, it prompts you to create one. If you agree to do this, the Create View wizard opens with the UCM stream information already entered for you. For the first time using VersionVault Explorer, you must also mount a VersionVault repository (also known as a versioned object base or VOB). See a video on this at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC07b9GB8a-4c6-T6pd2bbBQ.

Note: If the full HCL VersionVault or the standalone HCL VersionVault Explorer is already installed on your system, then the HCL VersionVault Express client cannot be installed there. If you have the VersionVault Express client already installed on your system and later decide that you want to install VersionVault, then you have to uninstall VersionVault Express first.
For detailed information about VersionVault Explorer, see the documentation for VersionVault, Developing software with HCL VersionVault Explorer.
Note: See About the documentation to be aware of the distinctions for the documentation for HCL VersionVault Express versus the documentation for HCL VersionVault.