Using the extension offering and Eclipse Update Site option

The system administrator must tell their users about, and how developers can use, the extension offering and the Eclipse Update Site option.

Refer to https://servername:8080/update/siteInfo.html for the full instructions, where the update site URL for step 4a on the siteInfo.html page is either option 1 or option 2 listed here. If applicable to your situation, option 3 is an alternative method to use instead of the instructions on the siteInfo.html page.

Option 1

  1. The user installs the HCL VersionVault Express client, including the VersionVault Explorer Eclipse Update Site.
  2. Define a local update site in step 4a of the siteInfo.html page by using Eclipse to open a file chooser and navigate to the update site:
    • For Windows, normally, in C:\Program Files\HCL\CCM\versionvault\CTEUpdateSite
    • For Linux, normally, in /opt/hcl/ccm/versionvault/CTEUpdateSite
    Note: If you did not include the VersionVault Explorer Eclipse Update Site during your installation of the VersionVault Express client, use IBM Installation Manager and run the Modify operation to add that option to your installation.

Option 2

The user provides the URL (https://servername:8080/update/) for step 4a of the siteInfo.html page.

Option 3

If the user has a tool such as IBM Rational Software Architect Designer or another desktop client, they can install the extension offering into it. Use IBM Installation Manager to add the extension repository to the list of repositories (https://servername:8080/repo/ccrc.ext). Then they use Installation Manager to install the extension into their Rational Software Architect Designer or other Installation Manager-managed tool.