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HCL VersionVault Express V2.0.0
Learn general information about the product.
Release notes and system requirements for HCL VersionVault Express
Review the release notes and system requirements before you install VersionVault Express.
HCL VersionVault Express overview
VersionVault Express is a simplified, user-friendly version control and configuration management solution based off of HCL VersionVault.
Roles in HCL VersionVault Express
The role or roles that you are assigned to in each project in VersionVault Express determine what you can do in that project.
About the documentation
Review this topic to be aware of distinctions for the documentation for VersionVault Express.
Learn how to install the HCL VersionVault Express server.
Installing, configuring, and managing the HCL VersionVault Express server
The system administrator has the responsibility to install, configure, and manage the VersionVault Express server.
About the HCL VersionVault Explorer
Accessed from within HCL VersionVault Express, the HCL VersionVault Explorer provides graphical user interfaces to the HCL VersionVault tools.
Using the extension offering and Eclipse Update Site option
The system administrator must tell their users about, and how developers can use, the extension offering and the Eclipse Update Site option.
National language support
Review information about localized support for HCL VersionVault Express configurations and supported data code page locales.
Learn how to administer the product.
Administering HCL VersionVault Express
Learn about the administrative tasks for VersionVault Express, such as how to start and stop its services, update the license server, reactivate a deleted user, backup and restore functions, and gather system and product information before you contact HCL Customer Support.
Learn how to develop software with the product.
About VersionVault views
An HCL VersionVault view provides access to resources in HCL VersionVault repositories.
Software development with UCM
Learn how to extend the product.
Programming with VersionVault Express REST API
Learn how to extend the product with the HCL VersionVault Express REST API.
Programming with VersionVault CM API
Programming with the VersionVault CM API is also available.