Creating the new baseline

The integration being locked and unavailable to developers, you can now create a new baseline.

  1. Click Tools > Make Baseline to open the Make Baseline dialog box.
  2. Optionally, replace the default name in the Baseline Root Name box by typing a name that is meaningful to your project. By default, HCL VersionVault names baselines by appending the date to the project name. For example: OM_proj7.0_Integration_10_01_02.
  3. Next, choose the type of baseline to create: incremental or full.
  4. Select a view context. The view must be attached to the stream in which you are making the baseline.
  5. Click OK.

After you create the baseline, you should communicate the availability of the baseline to the developers so that they can update, or rebase, their private work environment.

You should also unlock the integration stream, so that developers can resume delivering their work to the integration stream in the shared work area after rebasing their private work areas.