About managing software projects

Before you can start to use HCL VersionVault to manage the version control and configuration needs of your development projects, you need to decide whether to use the out-of-the-box Unified Change Management (UCM) process or base VersionVault. For more information, see VersionVault Guide to Managing Software Projects. This document presents information on planning, implementing, and maintaining a configuration management environment for software development using HCL VersionVault, including the following subjects:

  • Using Unified Change Management (UCM) or base HCL VersionVault
  • Setting up and using HCL Compass change request management software
  • Configuring and maintaining the work environment

Working in Unified Change Management (UCM)

In UCM, your work follows a cycle that complements an iterative software development process. Members of a project team typically work on activities in private work areas and deliver their work to a shared work area. A project manager and a project integrator are responsible for maintaining the shared work area and managing the software projects. The work flows of the project manager and integrator provide a framework to guide you in managing software projects in UCM.

Working in base VersionVault

Base VersionVault offers the flexibility to implement virtually any configuration management solution that you deem appropriate for your environment. Because of the flexibility, there are no formal work flows for you to follow. Refer to the printed documentation for the steps to follow.