To relocate elements


  1. In a shell or command prompt window, change directory to a view that is attached to a stream that contains the components whose elements you want to relocate.
  2. If the view is a snapshot view, update it.
  3. Set the view to an activity that you reserve for this operation.
  4. Run the script and specify the source path and target path for the relocation. For example:
    cleartool mkact -head "Move XML utility code to libks" my-app-xml-move
    On the UNIX system:
    hcl-home-dir/common/bin/ratlperl versionvault-home-dir/etc/utils/ \
    /vobs/app/xml /vobs/lib/ks
    On Linux and the Windows system:
    hcl-home-dir/common/ratlperl.exe versionvault-home-dir/etc/utils/ ^
    /vobs/app/xml /vobs/lib/ks
    The xml directory and all its contents are copied to the new location under the ks directory. If the script encounters a hard link, it creates a separate element.


After the relocation, if developers try to deliver or rebase operations that involve a relocated element, they see warning messages that the element is not visible. Any changes that are made to the source elements must be manually merged from the source location to the target elements in the new location.