To create a development stream


  1. In Project Explorer, right-click the integration stream or the parent development stream, and click Create Child Stream.
    The Create a Development Stream window opens.
  2. To disallow changes to be made in the testing stream, set Make Stream read only.
    If you set this option, you cannot fix defects discovered in the baseline in this stream. Instead, the developers responsible for the defects would need to make the fixes in their development streams and deliver them to the feature-specific development stream.
  3. Optionally, click Advanced Options.
    The Change Baseline window appears.

    By default, the set of recommended baselines is used when creating a development stream. Because the new baseline has not been tested extensively, you probably have not yet promoted it to the level associated with recommended baselines. Use this option to create the development stream with baselines other than the recommended baselines.

  4. Select the component that contains the baseline that you want to test and click Change.
    A second Change Baseline window appears and lists all baselines for the component.
  5. Select the baseline that you want to test, and click OK.
    If you need to test the baseline of another component, select it in the first Change Baseline window and repeat the process.
  6. When you are finished, click OK in the first Change Baseline window.
  7. In the Create a Development Stream window, set Prompt me to create a View for this stream and click OK.
    On Linux and the UNIX system, the Create View window appears.

    On the Windows system, the View Creation Wizard opens.

  8. Complete the steps of the View Creation Wizard or the fields of the Create View window to create a view for the development stream.