To create a PVOB

About this task

If you are creating multiple PVOBs and anticipate that projects in those PVOBs may need to modify some of the same components, choose one PVOB to act as the administrative PVOB and create it first.


  1. Start the VOB Creation Wizard.
  2. In Step 1 of the VOB Creation Wizard, do the following actions:
    1. Enter a name for the PVOB.
    2. Enter a comment to describe the purpose of the PVOB.
    3. Set Create as a UCM project VOB.
    Leave This VOB will contain UCM components clear. Although you can use one VOB as the PVOB and a component, do not do so unless your project is very small and you anticipate that it will remain small.
  3. In Step 2, specify the PVOB storage directory in one of the following ways:
    • Choose one of the recommended storage locations if the administrator makes any available.
    • Enter the universal naming convention (UNC) path of a different location.
    • Click Browse to search the network for shared resource locations.
    A PVOB storage directory is a directory tree that serves as the repository for the PVOB contents. A PVOB storage directory contains the same subdirectories as a VOB storage directory. (For details about VOB storage directory structure, see the Help.)
  4. In Step 3, choose an administrative VOB to be associated with the PVOB.
    • If you are creating a project from scratch and do not currently use an administrative VOB or want this PVOB to be the administrative VOB for multiple PVOBs, scroll to the top of the list and select none.
    • If you are creating multiple PVOBs and you create the other PVOBs, use this step in the wizard to specify the PVOB that will serve as administrative VOB.
    When you create components, AdminVOB hyperlinks are made between the components and the PVOB, and the PVOB assumes the role of administrative VOB.