To create a PVOB

About this task

If you are creating multiple PVOBs and anticipate that projects in those PVOBs may need to modify some of the same components, choose one PVOB to act as the administrative PVOB and create it first.


  1. Issue the cleartool mkvob command. For example:
    cleartool mkvob –tag /vobs/myproj2_pvob –nc –ucmproject \

    The –ucmproject option indicates that you are creating a PVOB instead of a VOB. The /usr/vobstore/myproj2_pvob.vbs path specifies the location of the PVOB storage directory. A PVOB storage directory is a directory tree that serves as the repository for the PVOB contents. A PVOB storage directory contains the same subdirectories as a VOB storage directory. For information about VOB storage directory structure, see the Help.

    The PVOB assumes the role of administrative VOB.

  2. If you are in an MVFS environment and developers use dynamic views, perform the following two steps.
    1. Create the PVOB mount point to match the PVOB tag. For example:
      mkdir /vobs/myproj2_pvob
    2. Mount the PVOB. For example:
      cleartool mount /vobs/myproj2_pvob
  3. If you create the multiple PVOBs, use the cleartool mkhlink command to create an AdminVOB hyperlink between each PVOB and the PVOB that acts as the administrative VOB.
    When you create components, AdminVOB hyperlinks are made between the components and the PVOB that serves as the administrative VOB.