To create and set an activity

About this task

If project policy allows, you can create an activity.


  1. Set your integration view if it is a dynamic view. For example:
    cleartool setview kmt_Integration
    If your integration view is a snapshot view, change directory to it.
  2. Issue the cleartool mkactivity command. For example:
    cleartool mkactivity –headline "Create Directories"
    The HCL VersionVault GUI tools use the name specified with –headline to identify the activity. The last argument, create_directories, is the activity-selector. Use the activity-selector when you issue cleartool commands.
  3. If you need to set your integration view to the activity, use the cleartool setactivity command. For example:
    cleartool setactivity create_directories
    By default, when you make an activity with the cleartool mkactivity command, your view is set to that activity. Your view is not set to an activity if you create multiple activities in the same command line or if you specify a stream with the –in option.