To test in a separate development stream

About this task

To use a test stream to stabilize code, perform the steps shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. A test stream to stabilize a baseline

The deliver and rebase flow in Project A is shown among the integration stream, the test stream, and the development stream.


  1. Make a baseline that contains the changes to be tested. (For more information, see PA.BL1 in the figure).
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Create a development stream dedicated to stabilization. (For more information, see stream DS in the figure).
    • Rebase a dedicated development stream to the baseline that you made.
  3. Use as the foundation baseline of the test stream the baseline that you created. (For more information, see PA.BL1 in the figure).
  4. Control the changes that are being made in the stabilization stream DS.
    Other work from development streams in the project can be delivered to the integration stream without affecting the stabilization stream. Fixes implemented in the stabilization stream are isolated from activities delivered to the integration stream.
  5. When the code in the test stream is stable, make a baseline in the test stream. (For more information, see PA.BL1.S in the figure).
  6. Deliver the baseline PA.BL1.S to the integration stream.
  7. In the integration stream, recommend the baseline from the stabilization stream so that development streams can rebase to it.
    (This is an example of an advance rebase operation.)