To make new baselines for all components in the stream


  1. Ensure that the stream is locked.
  2. In the Project Explorer, select the integration stream or feature-specific development stream in which you want to make the baseline.
  3. Click Tools > Make Baseline.
    The Make Baseline window opens. The Project/Stream field shows the object selector of the stream that you selected.
  4. If the project does not have a baseline naming template set or the template includes the basename token, enter a name in the Baseline Title (Linux) or Base Name (Windows systems) field only
    The Template Name field shows the name that will be used for the new baseline if a baseline naming template is set for the project. If a baseline naming template is not set for the project, the Base Name or Baseline Title field does not appear in the Make Baseline window.
  5. Choose the type of baseline to create.
  6. In View Context, specify a view in which to perform the operation. Choose a view that is attached to the stream in which you want to make the baseline.