To change reports for parameters

About this task

You can remove the user parameter, add parameters for group and date and time, and adjust the report output for group and date and time information.


  1. Change the interface specification of the report procedure to correspond to required interface changes.
  2. Change the logic in the report procedure to handle data requests for group information; add a %Gu; to the -fmt parameter in the cleartool describe call to get group information from the HCL VersionVault configuration.
  3. Properly extract the group information into a variable after the cleartool describe call returns its output, so that it can be printed.
  4. Determine whether the element group is the same group parameter value entered by the user and print the result of this comparison as a column heading.
  5. Print the group variables in the order specified in the interface specification so that they appear under the correct column heading.