To recommend a baseline or set of baselines


  1. In the Project Explorer, select the stream. Click Tools > Recommend Baselines.
  2. In the Recommended Baselines window, you can filter the list of baselines displayed by selecting a promotion level and clicking Seed List. The window then displays only baselines at or above the selected promotion level.
  3. To remove a baseline from the list, select it and click Remove. To add a baseline, click Add and select the baseline in the Add Baseline window.
  4. To recommend a different baseline of a component, select the baseline and click Change. To select a baseline in another stream, such as a testing stream, click Change and navigate to the stream in the Change Baseline window.
  5. In the Change Baseline window, select the baseline that you want to recommend.

    You can recommend a baseline for a stream if the baseline is from the stream or the stream’s foundation.

    For a baseline that is not from the stream or from the foundation set of the stream, the following rules apply:

    • The baseline must be an ancestor of the foundation baseline of the stream and must have been created on the same stream as the foundation baseline.
    • The baseline must be contained in the stream, which means the baseline has been delivered to the stream, or the stream has rebased to the baseline or to one of its descendants.
    • The baseline must contain the current recommended baseline, which means it must be a descendant of the current recommended baseline.

    You are not required to recommend a baseline for every component in the configuration of the stream.

  6. When you finalize your list of recommended baselines, click OK in the Recommended Baselines window.