To deliver work between integration streams


  1. In the source stream, make one or more baselines that incorporate the changes you want to deliver.
  2. Check the deliver policy settings for the target integration stream to confirm that it allows deliveries from other projects. In the Project Explorer, select the target integration stream, and click File > Policies. If the Allow interproject deliver to project or stream policy is not enabled, ask the project manager to change the setting to enabled.
  3. In the Project Explorer, select the source integration stream, and click Tools > Deliver Baselines To Default or Tools > Deliver To Alternate Target.
  4. Select the stream and click File > Properties to determine the default deliver target for the integration stream.
    The Deliver to field on the General tab identifies the default deliver target.

    You can change the default deliver target by clicking Change. The Deliver To Alternate Target option opens the Deliver from Stream (alternate target) window, which lets you select the target stream.

  5. In the Deliver from Stream Preview window, click Add, Change, and Remove to select the baselines that you want to deliver.
    Make sure that the View field identifies a view that is attached to the target integration stream. If necessary, click Change to select a different view. Click OK to start the merge part of the deliver operation.
  6. All nonconflicting changes are merged automatically. If there are conflicting changes, a prompt asks you whether to start Diff Merge, a tool with which you resolve conflicting changes. For details on using Diff Merge, see the Diff Merge Help.
  7. When you finish merging files, test the result. When the testing is complete, click Complete to check in the changes.