Setting up the trigger to monitor bug-fixing

About this task

The project manager places a trigger on all elements in the monet and libpub VOBs; the trigger fires whenever a new version of any element is checked in.


  1. First, he creates a script that sends mail.
  2. Then, he asks vobadm to create an all-element trigger type in the monet and libpub VOBs, specifying the script as the trigger action:
    cleartool mktrtype -nc -element –all –postop checkin –brtype main \
    –exec /public/scripts/ \ 
    r2_checkin@/vobs/monet r2_checkin@/vobs/libpub
    Created trigger type "r2_checkin".
    Created trigger type "r2_checkin".

    Only the VOB owner or root user (on Linux and the UNIX system) or a member of the HCL VersionVault administrators group (on the Windows system) can create trigger types.