To add a directory element to a component (Linux and the UNIX system)


  1. In your integration view, set an activity.
  2. Navigate to the component.
    If the component is in a VOB that you created to store multiple components, the component appears as a directory under the VOB. For example:
    cd /vobs/testvob13/libs
  3. Check out the component root directory.
    For example:
    cleartool co –nc .
  4. Issue the cleartool mkelem command.
    For example:
    cleartool mkelem –nc –eltype directory design
    This example creates a directory element called design. By default, the mkelem command leaves the element checked out. To add elements, such as subdirectories, to the directory element, you must leave the directory element checked out.
  5. When you finish adding elements to the new directory, check it in. For example:
    cleartool ci –nc design
  6. When you finish creating directory elements, check in the component root directory. For example:
    cleartool ci –nc .