Using the same script

To use the same trigger script on Linux®, the UNIX system, and the Windows® system, use a batch command interpreter that runs on all operating systems. For this purpose, the ratlperl program is included in the HCL VersionVault configuration. You can use this version of Perl on the Windows® system, Linux®, and the UNIX system. The commands Perl on Linux® and the UNIX system and ccperl on the Windows® system are wrapper programs that run ratlperl.

The following mktrtype command creates sample trigger type pre_ci_trig and names as the executable trigger script.
cleartool mktrtype –element –all –nc –preop checkin  \
–execunix 'Perl /public/scripts/' \ 
–execwin 'ccperl \\neon\scripts\' \ 
Note: In your scripts, you can run ratlperl directly. Ensure that you include the following default paths to execute the scripts successfully:
  • On Linux and the UNIX system: /opt/hcl/ccm/common/bin
  • On the Windows® system: <install_location>\HCL\Common\

The value install_location is the root folder in which you installed HCL VersionVault.