Multiple PVOBs and a common administrative VOB

If projects in one PVOB need to modify components in other PVOBs, your HCL VersionVault administrator needs to identify one PVOB to serve as a common administrative VOB for the PVOBs and the component VOBs. In the following figure, PVOB1 and PVOB2 use PVOB3 as their administrative VOB.

Figure 1. Using one PVOB as an administrative VOB for multiple PVOBs

Three PVOBs and three component VOBs are shown.

The arrows from the PVOBs and the component VOBs represent AdminVOB hyperlinks to PVOB3. Because the component VOBs and the PVOBs share a common administrative VOB, all three projects can modify all three components.

For PVOBs that do not share a common administrative VOB, a project may select a component from another PVOB but the component will be Read-Only within that project.

In the figure, a PVOB serves as an administrative VOB.

As an alternative to using a PVOB as an administrative VOB, you can link PVOBs and component VOBs to an administrative VOB. This approach might be appropriate if your development team is moving from base VersionVault to UCM and you currently use an administrative VOB.

If you plan to use multiple PVOBs, create the PVOB that will serve as the administrative VOB first. When you create the other PVOBs, specify the first PVOB as the administrative VOB.