Monitoring project status

Monitor project status is shown as a workflow of the project manager. It follows Assign and schedule work and is the last item in the workflow.

These tools are provided to help you track the progress of your project:
  • The Compare Baselines GUI compares any two baselines of a component and displays the differences in activities and versions associated with each baseline. You can use this feature to determine when a particular feature was included in a baseline.
  • The Component Tree Browser (Windows® only) displays the baseline history of a component. The GUI includes a feature that lets you filter the display so that you see only specified streams or baselines at or above a specified promotion level.
  • The HCL VersionVault Report Builder and Report Viewer (Windows® only) let you generate and view reports specific to your project environment. The Report Builder provides a set of reports organized by HCL VersionVault object, such as project, stream, element, and view. In addition, you can customize the procedures used to generate and display reports.