Element relocation

After you create components and add them to a UCM configuration, you should not change the configuration. Change flow and integration in UCM depend on stable components. If you absolutely must relocate directory and file elements, you can run a UCM-supplied script mkelem_cpver.pl. The script must be run in a strictly-controlled situation to prevent undesired configuration changes. You must use ratlperl to run the script. The script does the following operations:

  • Copies directory and file elements (one source version to one target version) within a VOB or between VOBs. New elements are created in the target directory with the view's version of the original element from the source directory.
  • Uncatalogs the elements in the source directory.
  • Preserves the history of the source elements to allow work to continue in other streams.

The script does not do the following operations:

  • Retain source history in the target version. (A comment attached to the target version records the path of the source version for historical purposes.)
  • Roll back when errors are encountered. (No support is provided for undoing the operation. The project manager must fix any errors.)
  • Integrate changed content in other streams. If you deliver or rebase content between streams, be careful to distinguish between the previous and current names of the relocated elements.