Enforce serial deliver operations

Because UCM allows multiple developers to concurrently deliver work to the same integration stream, conflicts can occur if two or more developers attempt to deliver changes to the same element. If one developer’s deliver operation has an element checked out, the second developer cannot deliver changes to that element until the first deliver operation is completed or canceled. The second deliver operation attempts to check out all elements other than the checked-out one, but it does not proceed to the merge phase of the operation. The second developer must either wait for the first deliver operation to finish or undo the second deliver operation.

You may want to implement a development policy that eliminates the confusion that concurrent deliveries can cause developers. The following Perl scripts prevent multiple developers from delivering work to the same integration stream concurrently:
  • Delivery setup script creates the trigger types and an attribute type.
  • Delivery preoperation script is the preoperation trigger action that fires at the start of a deliver operation.
  • Delivery postoperation script is the postoperation trigger action that fires at the end of a deliver operation.

You can also share scripts; see Sharing triggers among different types of platform.