Delivery postoperation trigger script

This postoperation trigger action fires when a developer cancels or completes a deliver operation to the specified integration stream. This script removes the deliver_in_progress attribute that the preoperation script attaches to the integration stream at the start of the deliver operation. After the attribute is removed, another developer can deliver work to the integration stream.

# perl script that fires on deliver_complete or deliver_cancel postop
use Config;

# define platform-dependent arguments.
if   ($Config{'osname'} eq 'MSWin32') {
   $PVOBTAG = '\cyclone-pvob';
   $PVOBTAG = '';
my $STREAM = "stream:".$ENV{"CLEARCASE_STREAM"};
my $ATTYPE = "attype:deliver_in_progress\@$PVOBTAG";

# remove the attribute to allow deliveries.
print ˋcleartool rmattr -nc $ATTYPE $STREAMˋ;