Incorporating a patch release into a new version of the project

A common development scenario with multiple projects involves working on a patch release and a new release of a project at the same time. The following figure illustrates the flow of a patch release and a new release.
Figure 1. Incorporating a patch release

One project is used to create two projects.

In this example shown in the figure:
  • Both the Webotrans 3.0 Patch and Webotrans 4.0 projects use the FCS baselines of the components in the Webotrans 3.0 project as their foundation baselines. The purpose of the patch release is to fix a problem detected after Webotrans 3.0 was released. Webotrans 4.0 represents the next major release of the Webotrans product.
  • Development continues in both the 3.0 Patch and 4.0 projects, with the integrators creating baselines periodically.
  • The developers working on the 3.0 Patch project finish their work, and the integrator incorporates the final changes in the BL2 baseline. The integrator then needs to deliver those changes from the 3.0 Patch integration stream to the 4.0 integration stream so that the 4.0 project contains the fix.