Managing a current project and a follow-on project simultaneously

Given the tight software development schedules that most organizations operate within, it is common practice to begin development of the next release of a project before work on the current release is completed. The next release may add new features, or it may involve porting the current release to a different platform.

The following figure illustrates the flow of a current project, Webotrans 4.0, and a follow-on project, Webotrans 4.1.

Figure 1. Managing a follow-on release

Two projects, Webotrans 4.0 and Webotrans 4.1, and their relationships are shown.

In this example, in the figure, note the following points:
  • The project manager for the follow-on project created the Webotrans 4.1 project based on the Beta baselines of the components used in the Webotrans 4.0 project. Developers on both project teams then continued to make changes, and the 4.0 and 4.1 integrators continued to create new baselines that incorporate those changes.
  • When the 4.0 team completed its work, the integrator created the final baselines, named FCS. The 4.1 project manager then rebased the 4.1 integration stream to the FCS baselines.