Sharing baselines between sibling streams in different projects

Baselines can be used with rebase and deliver operations to configure streams with changes from related streams in different projects (see the following figure).
Figure 1. Baselines distributed to a different project

The deliver and rebase flow between two projects is shown.

The integrators rebase the integration stream in the Webotrans 3.0 Patch project to baselines BL1 and BL2 from the Webotrans 4.0 project. Rebasing in this situation allows the integrators to test and validate the patch with ongoing development in the follow-on project. When the integrators deliver the patch changes in the FINAL baseline, the process of testing and validating the patch in Webotrans 4.0 integration stream is made much easier.
Note: From an integration stream, you can deliver only baselines and not individual activities.