Do not allow deliver to proceed with checkouts in the development stream

This policy prevents developers from delivering work to the target stream if some files remain checked out in the source stream. The policy can be set per project or per stream, for interproject and intraproject deliver operations.

If this policy is enabled, developers must check in all files in their source streams before delivering work. You may want to require developers to check in files to avoid the following situation:
  1. A developer completes work on an activity, but forgets to check in all of the files associated with that activity.
  2. The developer works on other activities.
  3. Having completed several activities, the developer delivers them to the target stream. Because the files associated with the first activity are still checked out, they are not included in the deliver operation. The developer delivers older versions. Even though the developer may build and test the changes successfully in the development work area, the changes delivered to the target may fail because they do not include the checked-out files.