Deliver changes from the foundation in addition to changes from the stream

Set this policy to control accepting changes that did not originate in the delivery stream. There are two versions of this policy: one for intraproject deliveries and one for interproject deliveries. The policy can be set per project or per stream.

UCM uses foundation baselines to configure a stream. A view attached to a stream selects the versions of elements identified by the stream foundation baselines plus the versions of elements associated with any activities created in the stream. For example, in the following figure, 1 is the foundation baseline for the Feature1 development stream. The X baseline is the foundation baseline for the Developer1 development stream.

Figure 1. Delivering changes made in a foundation baseline

An integration stream has baselines 0, 1, and 2 and an activity.

If the developer working in the Developer1 stream delivers work to the integration stream, the deliver operation includes the activities created in the Developer1 stream plus the files represented by the X foundation baseline. The integrator responsible for the integration stream may want to receive work that the developer working in the Developer1 stream has completed; however, the integrator may be unaware that the deliver operation also contains changes made in the X baseline. You may want to set this policy to Disabled so that target streams do not accept deliver operations that contain changes in the source stream’s foundation baselines.

If you set this policy to Enabled, the target stream accepts changes in the source stream that result from differences in the foundation baselines of the two streams in addition to changes in the source stream that the developer makes while working on assigned activities.