Coordinating development streams in the same project

The developers in a project can use an alternate-target deliver operation between sibling streams in the same project to coordinate work between them (see the following figure).
Figure 1. Alternate target intra-project deliver operation

The Project A integration stream has two child streams D1 and D2. A deliver arrow goes from Stream D2 to stream D1. Another deliver arrow goes from stream D1 to the parent, the integration stream.

Two developers in project A work on different portions of a feature in their own streams D1 and D2, which are siblings. The two developers need to integrate their work before it is delivered to the integration stream. No other interaction is needed.

The developer using stream D2 uses an alternate target deliver operation to migrate the changes in activities b1, b2, and b3 to the sibling stream D1. The developer in stream D1 tests the work and delivers all the activities to the default deliver target, the project A integration stream. This configuration works well where a low level of isolation is necessary.