The integration stream configuration

The integration stream is created with either baselines from another project or selected baselines from the PVOB. These foundation baselines are by default the recommended baselines of the integration stream. The recommended baselines of the project are the integration stream’s recommended baselines.

In the following figure, the set of foundation baselines chosen as the initial configuration of the integration stream are represented by baseline 0. For an integration stream, all foundation baselines must be either baselines created in other projects’ integration streams, or be imported or initial baselines. For an integration stream, you cannot use baselines created in development streams. This set of foundation baselines provides a stable, well-known configuration in the project integration stream.

Figure 1. Using a feature-specific development stream

An integration stream on the left has to its right a child stream Permissions_dev, which has to its right, two child streams, Pat's_dev and Pedro's_dev.