Stream hierarchies

As an alternative to using the integration stream as the sole shared work area for the project, you can use the UCM development stream hierarchy feature to create multiple shared work areas. This approach supports a project organization that consists of small teams of developers where each team develops a specific feature in feature-specific development streams (see the following figure).
Figure 1. Using a feature-specific development stream

An integration stream on the left has to its right a child stream Permissions_dev, which has to its right, two child streams, Pat's_dev and Pedro's_dev.

The project manager created a development stream called Permissions_dev for two developers who are working on a permissions feature. The developers, Pat and Pedro, joined the project at the Permissions_dev level rather than at the integration stream level. They deliver completed work to the Permissions_dev stream. Periodically, the integrator or lead developer responsible for managing the Permissions_dev stream incorporates the delivered work into new baselines, and the developers rebase their development streams to those new baselines.

When the two developers finish working on the permissions feature, they deliver their last work to the Permissions_dev stream. The integrator incorporates their delivered work into a final set of baselines and delivers those baselines to the integration stream.