Development stream configurations

When a development stream is created, you can assign it a set of foundation baselines. All foundation baselines for a development stream must be either recommended baselines in the parent stream or baselines created in the integration stream. If no baselines are recommended, baselines that were created in the integration stream of the project must be used. In the following figure, the set of foundation baselines of the feature-specific development stream Permissions_dev is represented by baseline 1, which were created in the parent integration stream.

Figure 1. Using a feature-specific development stream

An integration stream on the left has to its right a child stream Permissions_dev, which has to its right, two child streams, Pat's_dev and Pedro's_dev.

When developers join a project, by default, their development streams are created with the set of recommended baselines in the parent stream. The set of foundation baselines of the development streams Pat’s_dev and Pedro’s_dev are represented by baseline X, a baseline that was created in the parent stream Permissions_dev.

These configuration rules attempt to establish a common foundation whereby there are no versions in child streams for which there is not an ancestor in the parent stream. This establishes a consistent ancestry for change flow through deliver and rebase operations.

A baseline does not have to be recommended for every component in the stream configuration.