Sharing changes by a rebase operation

Sharing by a rebase operation allows a stream to configure work done in a sibling stream (see the following figure).
Figure 1. Sharing changes by a rebase operation

The integration stream for Project A has two child streams.

Typically, stream D1 cannot rebase to baselines from stream D2 because they do not meet the requirement that the baselines must be contained in the parent stream. If you deliver to the parent stream the activities in a baseline in one stream, a sibling stream can be configured with those changes. In the figure, if the baseline D2.BL1 is first delivered to the parent stream (the project integration stream in this example), you can rebase stream D1 to the baselines in D2.BL1 in the sibling stream D2. Delivering to the parent stream ensures that, in a default target deliver operation, only activities that originated in stream D1 are delivered in baselines D1.bl1 to the parent stream.

Sharing by a rebase operation in this manner requires integration one level higher than the stream in which the changes originated.