Deciding how many PVOBs to use

Projects that use the same PVOB have access to the same set of components. If developers on different projects need to work on some of the same components, use one PVOB for those projects. For example, the following figure shows concurrent development of two versions of the Webotrans product. While most members of the team work on the 4.0 release in one project, a small group works on the 4.0.1 release in a separate project. Both projects use the same components, so they use one PVOB.
Figure 1. Related projects sharing one PVOB

The Webotrans PVOB is shown with two projects. Project V4.0_Webotrans uses the GUI and Admin components. Project V4.0.1 uses the same components.

Consider using multiple PVOBs only if your projects are so large that PVOB capacity becomes an issue.