Need for parallel releases

If you need to develop multiple versions of your system in parallel, consider using separate projects, one for each version. For example, your organization may need to work on a patch release and a new release at the same time. In this situation, both projects use mostly the same set of components. (Note that multiple projects can modify the same set of components.) When work on the patch release project is complete, you integrate it with the new release project.

If you anticipate that your team will develop and release numerous versions of your system over time, you may want to create a mainline project. A mainline project serves as a single point of integration for related projects over a period of time.

The following figure shows the initial set of components planned for the Transaction Builder system. A team of 30 developers work on the system. Because a high degree of integration between components is required, and most developers work on several components, the project manager included all components in one project. You can use multiple UCM projects for your development.
Figure 1. Components used by Transaction Builder project

The Transaction Builder Project shows six components represented by cubes. Customer GUI, Admin GUI, Reporting, Modeler, Admin, and Security.