Defining the directory structure

After you complete your list of components, you need to define the directory structures within those components. You can start with a directory structure similar to the one shown in Table 1; then modify the structure to suit your system needs.

In the following table, Component_1 through Component_n refers to the components that map to the set of logical packages in your system architecture.
Table 1. Recommended directory structure for components
Component Directories Typical contents
System plans Project plans, mission statement, and so on
requirements Requirements documents
models architecture documents
documentation System documentation
Component_1 through Component_n requirements Component requirements
models Component model files
source Source files for this component
interfaces Component public interfaces
binaries Executable and other binary files for this component
libraries Libraries used by this component
tests Test scripts and related documents for this component
Test scripts Test scripts
results Test results and logs
documentation Test documentation
Deployment binaries Deployed executable files
libraries Deployed libraries
interfaces Deployed interfaces
documentation User documentation
Tools headers System header files
Project baseline none Composite baseline that selects baselines from all components in the project