Changing to a pure composite baseline

If a project has a composite baseline on an ordinary component, you can change the project to use a pure composite baseline (see the following figure).
Figure 1. Changing a regular composite to a pure composite baseline

Two sets of composite baselines are shown side-by-side. On the left, baseline LIB.BL1 sits above baselines C.BL3 and A.BL1, and connects to them with a solid line. On the right, baseline LIB_NR0 sits above baselines LIB.BL1, C.BL3, and A.BL1 (the same baselines that are on the left) and connects to them with a solid line.

The project manager can create a component without a VOB root directory for each component that has a composite baseline and contains elements. For example, composite baseline LIB.BL1 is for a component that has its own elements. The project manager drops the dependency references to components C and A from baseline LIB.BL1. The project manager creates a new component LIB_NR that does not have a root directory. Then a new composite baseline LIB_NR0 can be made based on the rootless component. And you can add dependencies on the baseline LIB.BL1 of the original component and on baselines C.BL3 and A.BL1 of the other components.