Identifying the initial baseline

If your project represents a new version of an existing project, you probably want to start work from the latest recommended baselines of the existing components of the project. For example, if you are starting work on version 3.2 of the Transaction Builder project, identify the baselines that represent the released, or production, versions of its version 3.1 components. A convenient way to start a project with stable versions of components is to use a bootstrap project.

If you use pure composite baselines, create a bootstrap project with the initial baselines. Then, create your ongoing projects and configure them with the pure composite baselines from that bootstrap project.

If you are converting a base VersionVault configuration to a project, you can make baselines from existing labeled versions. Check whether the latest stable versions are labeled. If they are not, you need to create and apply the label type to the versions that you plan to include in your project.