Recommended baselines

When baselines pass the level of testing required to be considered stable, make them the recommended set of baselines. Developers then rebase their development streams to the recommended baselines. You can set a policy that requires developers to rebase their development streams to the set of recommended baselines before they deliver work. This policy helps to ensure that developers update their work areas whenever a baseline passes an acceptable level of testing.

Every stream has foundation baselines. The foundation baselines of an integration stream are its default recommended baselines. A development stream has no default recommended baselines.

A stream can recommend a baseline if certain rules are true. These rules establish consistency in child streams. If a child stream rebases to the new recommended baseline and subsequently delivers activities to its default target, only activities created on the development stream need to be delivered. The rules also prevent a stream from reverting to the configuration of a development stream that has rebased to baselines that are ahead of the current recommended baselines.