Composite baselines

If your project team works on multiple components, you may want to use a composite baseline. A composite baseline selects baselines in other components (see the following figure).
Figure 1. Composite baseline

Three components Proj, A, and B are shown as separate cubes. Components A and B each have a baseline, BL1 and BL2 that contains their own elements and versions. Component Proj has one baseline PB1 that does not contain any elements or versions. Baseline PB1 connects by a dashed line to the two baselines BL1 and BL2.

The PB1 composite baseline selects baselines BL1 and BL2 of components A and B, respectively. The Proj component does not contain any elements of its own. It contains only the composite baseline that selects the recommended baselines of the project components. By using a composite baseline in this manner, you can identify one baseline to represent multiple baselines, and, by extension, the entire project.