Adding components

Over time, the scope of your project typically broadens, and you may need to add components to a stream and to projects. Adding a component to a stream requires that you rebase to the baseline of the new component after the component is added.

By default, a component is added to the project as read-only. To allow developers to deliver changes for that component, make the component modifiable.

Before you can access the component that you added to a stream from a view that is attached to the stream, you must synchronize the view with the new configuration.

To enable a child stream to access a modifiable component that you added to a parent stream, you must do the following tasks:

  • Synchronize the child stream with the new set of modifiable components in the project.
  • Synchronize the child stream view with the new configuration of the parent stream.

If snapshot views are attached to a stream to which you added a component, you need to edit the view load rules to include the components that you add to the stream. The load rules of a snapshot view specify which components are loaded into the view. In addition, you need to know whether any developers working on the project use snapshot views for their development views. When a developer who uses a snapshot view rebases to a baseline that contains a new component, the snapshot view config spec is updated, but the view load rules are not updated. When you add a component, take the following actions for developers who use snapshot views:

  • Notify the developers that they need to rebase their development streams to the baseline of the newly added component.
  • Instruct the developers to update the load rules for their development views to load the newly added component.