Adding UCM support to an existing schema

The predefined UCM schemas let you use the UCM integration with HCL Compass right away (see Using the predefined UCM-enabled schemas). However, you may prefer to design a custom schema to track your project activities and change requests, or you may prefer to use a different predefined schema. For your schema to work with UCM, you need to apply several packages in a prescribed order. These packages must be added in the order described for each step. Integrating your schema with UCM packages requires that the following actions be done in the order described:

  1. Adding the AMStateTypes Package.
  2. Setting the Default Actions for UCM.
  3. Adding the UCMPolicyScripts Package.
  4. Adding the UnifiedChangeManagement Package.
  5. Adding the UCMProject Package.
  6. Adding the BaseCMActivity Package (optional).
  7. Saving the Schema Changes.
  8. Configuring HCL VersionVault UCM.
Note: To avoid errors, you must install packages in the order described.

The AMStateTypes Package provides additional support for UCM and its state types. Installing this package requires that you map schema states to the following state types: Waiting, Ready, Active, and Complete. The package adds the am_statetype field to the enabled record type.

The UCMPolicyScripts Package adds three global scripts and does not add any record types.

The UnifiedChangeManagement package does the following:

  • Adds the UCMUtilityActivity record type.
  • Adds UCM_Project stateless record type.
  • Adds UCM queries to the HCL Compass client workspace under the Public Queries folder.
  • Adds the ucm_base_ synchronize action to the enabled record type.

Although the BaseCMActivity package is not necessary, you may want to apply it to your schema. The BaseCMActivity package adds the BaseCMActivity record type to your schema. The BaseCMActivity record type is a lightweight activity record type. You may want to use the BaseCMActivity record type as a starting point and then modify it, for example, to include additional fields and states. If you want to rename the BaseCMActivity record type, be sure to do so before you create any records of that type.