E-mail notification setup script

This script creates a postoperation trigger type that fires when a developer finishes a deliver operation, as represented by the deliver_complete opkind. The mktrtype command uses the –stream option to indicate that the trigger type applies only to deliver operations that target the specified integration stream.

# This is a Perl script to set up the triggertype
# for e-mail notification on deliver.
use Config;

# define platform-dependent arguments.
if   ($Config{'osname'} eq 'MSWin32') {
   $PVOBTAG  = '\cyclone_pvob';
   $WCMD     = '-execwin "ccperl 
else {
   $PVOBTAG  = '/pvobs/cyclone_pvob';
   $WCMD     = '-execwin "ccperl
my $STREAM = "stream:P1_int\@$PVOBTAG";
my $TRTYPE = "trtype:ex2_postop\@$PVOBTAG";
my $UCMD   = '-execunix "Perl

print 'cleartool mktrtype -ucmobject -all -postop deliver_complete 
$WCMD $UCMD -stream $STREAM -nc $TRTYPE;