Saving report data

Clicking Save As in the Report Viewer window opens a standard file selection window to prompt the user to save the results in one of the following output formats:

Comma-separated, for import into Access or Excel
For viewing in a Web browser
For viewing in Internet Explorer 5 using XSL style sheets

Saving the file is performed by the save_results.prl script in \script_tools. This script supports two switches, -html and -csv, and the header, followed by semicolon-separated data rows. This script also needs a path value for the -out option, where path is the value that the Report Viewer passes from the Path Chooser.

XML output is supported directly by the Report Viewer. You can re-implement the .CSV and .HTML output by modifying save_result.prl. You can also define additional XSL style sheets that can be referred to in XML output. Start with the style sheet supplied with HCL VersionVault Reports (\script_tools\table.xsl) to create customized XSL files.