Report Procedure interface specifications

As the Report Builder finds report procedures in the customized directory, it queries each report procedure for its interface specification. Report Builder starts a separate process with CreateProcess(). A valid report procedure must implement an interface specification and return formatted text to STDOUT that conforms to this specification:

description : ["<text to display in description pane for this report>"]

id : <numeric help id>

helpfile : ["<full path to user-written help file for what’s this 
report help>"]

parameters : [<parameter_spec_1>] [<parameter_spec_2>] ... 

rightclick : [<rightclick_spec_1>] [<rightclick_spec_2>] ... 

fields : [<field_spec_1>] [<field_spec_2> ... [<field_spec_N>]

If a serious parsing error occurs in processing the interface specification, the report does not appear in the reports pane. The helpfile specification is not supported.