field_type conventions

The following table lists the names for field_types and the kind of data represented. Use these definitions in your own report procedures wherever possible; but you can use your own definitions.

Table 1. Field type supplied with HCL VersionVault Reports
Field name Data description Example
project UCM Project headline name V4.1
project_objsel UCM project object selector Project:v4.1@\projects
stream UCM Stream headline name George_v4.1
stream_objsel UCM Stream object selector George_v4.1@\projects
activity UCM Activity headline name My activity
activity_objsel UCM Activity object selector Activity:my_act@\projects
view_tag View-tag such as returned by lsview main_latest_view
time_t Integer ticks since 1/1/1970 946934277
cctime Readable time, format is %dfmt_ccase 20-Dec-99.16:01:12
User User name georgem
User_dq Domain-qualified user name hcl\georgem
string Random text hello world
Host Host name georgemnt
Hpath Local machine path to view/VOB directory D:\VersionVault_Storage\views\jet
View_sttrs View attributes snapshot, ucmview
Element_xpn Full path to element ending in @@ S:\front\accts\web\photo.htm@@
Element_pn Full path to element without @@ S:\front\accts\web\photo.htm
Version_pn Version specifier, after @@ \main\v4.0.bl5_main\2
label Label instance name V4.0
Integer Integer number 5
Yes_no yes or no enumerated string Yes
Branch_xpn Full path to branch S:\front\accts\web\photo.htm@@\main
version_xpn Full path to version S:\front\accts\web\photo.htm@@\main\3
branch Branch name main
Attribute Attribute name normalize_html
Objsel Object selector VOB:\my_vob
Trigger Trigger name post_ci
Eltype Element type text_file
Vob_tag VOB Tag \projects

Depending on the column width that is required to display for a user-defined field_type, the fields specification in a report procedure may need to adjust the display column size with the Inital_width N modifier.